About Us

About Us

BRB Oilfield Equipment

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Founded in 1979, BRB Oilfield Equipment, Inc. is the go-to source for buying, selling new & used Oilfield Equipment. We have been in Oilfield business for over 80 years. We offer the most comprehensive selection of New & Used Oilfield Equipment. Material for stocks and projects are sourced from a select group of reliable, quality conscious suppliers. Our team has extensive experience in procurement sourcing to deliver the best products to our customers. We do not compromise in quality.

We have the following Equipment:
  • 35 Ton to 650 Ton Traveling Blocks
  • (National Emsco Ideco,GD) 171/2 -271/z Rotary Tables
  • Master Bushing (NEW) 17 1/2 -37 1/2
  • (National ,Emsco Ideco & GD) 100 - 650 ton Swivels
  • (Natioonal, Emsco Ideco GD) 100 -350 ton Bottleneck SSquare Shoulder
  • Tongs ,Slips, Elevator Links
  • 4.25-5.25 Kelly ( NEW) Kelly Drive, Drill Collars & Subs, 340 Pump Well Service
  • National 185 Nat GD TEE,2.5-3.5 Bowen
  • Mud Pump GD PZS & PZ9 National 9 E9' 10P
  • Draworks (National EMSCO, Ideco Brewster, Drilling Spools & DSA's Bop 11'x3000, 9'.x3000, 342's
  • V-80 Hydruamatic Brakes

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